Texan sunset from the taxi

March 8, 2008



First thoughts on Texas….

March 8, 2008

Texan sunset from the taxi…2 hours in. 

It’s a long way from Brum.

It’s very flat.

There is a beautiful sunset.

People are really friendly and excited that we have come over for SXSW, from the guys on the plane, to the taxi driver, to the hotel receptionist. There’s a real buzz about it. Even the hotels have ‘welcome SXSW’ signs outside. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about tomorrow!

Texas here we come

March 6, 2008

Is there an unwritten rule that says, ‘the day before you’re about to go on a trip – your workload will explode’? There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of days you are away from the office and the length of your to-do list.

However, this time around I shouldn’t be too far from my office, albeit a virtual one, despite being nearly 5,000 miles away. I’m lucky enough to be heading to Texas tomorrow for SXSW Interactive, thanks to support from Digital Central. A group of us are heading over to live and breath interactive media for the next five days, make some valuable contacts and share our experiences with the digital media community back in the West Midlands. My reason for going is to learn more about this fantastic festival , make some valuable contacts and spread the word about the Digital Media and Film Event taking place in Birmingham this October, which I’m project managing. I can’t wait. All I need to do now is attempt to clear the to-do list,  pack by bags and find my passport!

I’ll be posting my thoughts and SXSW experiences on this blog, and you can  find out more about what we’re all up to at www.sxswm.com. More news on the Digital Media and Film Event to come very soon.

Talking Art and Bacon Butties

February 28, 2008

I’ve just come back from a brilliant committee meeting for the Cure Leukaemia Art Auction 2008. This is an event I got involved with officially last year (thanks to an introduction by Susan McNally). It was launched in 2006 to raise funds for Birmingham’s world class Leukaemia Centre by holding an annual auction of work donated by artists (the majority of whom are from Birmingham and the West Midlands).  Its a great event, and last year raised over £17,000  which was used to both commission new art work for the Centre, and fund research and treatments for patients. As well as being involved in a fantastic project which leads to real benefits, it great to be part of an enthusiastic and proactive committee. Especially when our chair, Ian Allen, so kindly provides us with bacon butties.

This year’s event is on 20 May, I’ll post more details soon.

New glasses

February 26, 2008

I made a decision recently that I should spend less time in front of my computer screen. This was compounded by a trip to the optician this week, and a sinking feeling that I could soon be ordering my next pair of specs from the milkman.

But I’m hoping that, rather than tying me to my laptop, this new blog will encourage me to get out and about even more. My main motivation for starting it is to make the most of an upcoming visit to SXSW Interactive, share my experiences and keep up with the guys I’m going with! Hopefully the trip in itself will be all the inspiration I need to keep it going.

And the new glasses arrive next week.