Paris in the Spring

April 26, 2008

Outside the Louvre

A bit slow getting this up, but I enjoyed a great weekend in Paris a fortnight ago for Tom’s 30th Birthday. Although the flight from Birmingham was easy and very quick, I’m definitely going to try the Eurostar next time. Negotiating the Paris Metro from airport to hotel at 11pm with a suitcase is not a brilliant experience!

The highlight had to be gawping at the huge Impressionist collection in the fantastic surroundings of the Musee D’Orsay. There is something quite indescribable about the experience of seeing paintings that have been reproduced a million times over, on everything from jigsaw puzzles to mouse mats, so closely that you can make out every brush stroke. When things become so common-place, they can start to lose some of their beauty, but seeing them in their original form brought all of that back to me.

We also spent an interesting couple of hours in the colossus that is the Louvre, and couldn’t resist watching the crowds that had come to watch the Mona Lisa. 

 Crowd Looking at The Mona Lisa