The public diary of a new business, aged 0 years and 3/4

I’ve recently been asked to be a guest blogger for the Birmingham Post. Having two blogs to think about has made me consider more carefully the content for this site. So for the time being, my general business musings will be kept for the Birmingham Post, and this blog will become more of a personal record of setting up my new company, with a few other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

So where do I start… I took the decision to leave Neon Communications last year, after three years as a director. It was a tough one, as the company was enjoying a good profile with some great clients, and I was working with a fantastic team. But it’s fair to say that I had reached a bit of a crossroads, and after much careful consideration I decided that – if I was going to make it on my own – it was now or never time.

Tied in with this was a very real desire to see more of the world. I started my first PR job as an account executive at Willoughby PR, before I’d even really left student life. I was excited at the prospect of joining a really well respected Birmingham agency with some fantastic clients, so while many of my friends were off enjoying long summer holidays or travelling the globe, I got stuck in learning the ropes of the PR trade.

I don’t regret that decision one bit. I learnt a huge amount from some very inspirational people and having the opportunity to head up Willoughby’s sister company, Neon, some years later was an exciting opportunity for me and one that I relished. But in hindsight, I don’t think it was a huge suprise when, seven years later, I got the itch to broaden my horizons.

So last September I was lucky enough to enjoy three months on the other side of the world. It soon became clear to me that this distance and space to think was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and get some of that creative drive back again.

Now I’m back in Birmingham and very excited about the future. I’ve been working as a consultant since January on some great projects, and I have a very real optimism for the years ahead, both for my own personal venture and the creative sector in the city and region generally.

The next few months are going to be particularly interesting. I’ve just taken on my first part-time employee, am in the process of registering my ‘official’ company and am hoping to move into new office space in the next few weeks.

I’ll be posting snippets here and there which will hopefully be of interest to anyone else thinking about or actively doing the same. And just to prove that life shouldn’t just be about work (!), there’ll be a few other distractions from time to time.


3 Responses to The public diary of a new business, aged 0 years and 3/4

  1. Hey, just found your blog – fantastic luck with the new venture, it’s going to be brilliant!

  2. Mik says:

    ditto – just found your blog while researching for my own Birmingham Post blog. I’m aged 16 months, so pleased to be able to walk on my own now!

  3. ruthward says:

    Thanks both. I’m looking forward to reaching 16 months!

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